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Obituary for Jim "Mogul" Monahan

Jim "Mogul" Monahan passed away at home on a beautiful August day after one last bike ride around Whistler Valley. A bad ticker got him just a few months after his 75th birthday.

Mogul was the epitome of a Whistler local. He taught countless lifties how to throw a gondola out of the old barn in Creekside. He helped Bosco fire up the Whistler Answer and wrote many columns for the Question. Had a golden voice for radio. He drove cab in the 90's and sharpened skates for many years at Meadow Park.

Jim was a sportsman- loved his hockey and golf and softball, raced the Peak to Valley sine forever and rode in the Cheakamus Challenge on numerous occasions.

A sunny optimist, Mogul always greeted you with an easy smile and a hearty chuckle. He didn't sweat the small stuff or the past; he knew, as Alan Watts said, that "the meaning of life is just to be alive". He really was living the dream.

A beatnik, a jazzman, a traveler... Mogul had a little of Kerouac's sacred athletic insight that the 'now' is the goal and fulfillment of all living.

The community will gather to celebrate Jim Monahan's life in the near future. In the meantime, he'd want you to get outside and celebrate yours. Rest, in peace old friend.