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Obituary for Ian Bolton Longshaw

Ian Longshaw

Ian slipped away from us suddenly in his sleep. His wife of 35 years, Dawn, daughter Sarah, sister Susan, niece Lara (Neil), grand-niece and nephew (Amy and Connor), parents-in-law (Aurie and Allen Lee), favorite sister-in-law Jennifer (Ross- FBIL) and his family of friends are bereft.
A true citizen of the world, Ian was a ‘de-mob baby’ born in England; moved to Australia in the 70’s on the ’10-pound ticket’; transferred to Portland, Oregon for work and settled in Vancouver when he married Dawn.
Ian learned at a young age how to be an accomplished salesman, brokering mice with the local pet shop after his father felt sorry for the sequestered dominant male and let him into the cage with the others – with the expected result. As he grew up, he parlayed that talent into a successful career in the pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetics industries and lastly business consulting services. He knew how to ‘work smart’ with integrity; and mastered ‘working to live’ so there was always time for family and friends.
Everyone who knew him would tell you that he could light up a room. There was engaging conversation, a witticism to impart or a story to be told. No one was a stranger for very long. There were many dinner parties, celebrations and travel adventures. Good food, good conversation, good company. He was Dawn’s best ‘social wingman’ and, oh, how they danced together no matter what life threw at them.
Ian’s love for Dawn and Sarah was always patient and kind; never jealous, boastful or conceited; never rude or selfish; it did not take offence, and was not resentful. It had no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope and it will live with them forever.
He loved Manchester City from the old days at Main Road, stayed a fan through the wilderness years and rejoiced in the return to glory. His genuine enthusiasm created many converts to ‘his’ team among his Canadian friends – but he also treasured his buddies who remained staunch Man U or Liverpool fans. On game day the texts would be flying back and forth if they couldn’t watch together.
Ian didn’t want a service of any kind – he always said “get everyone together to raise a glass” – and so we will.
In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to BC Emergency Services. It takes very special people to be able to deliver their essential and professional services in a crisis situation while maintaining compassion and kindness.