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Obituary for Carmen Ria Leroux

Carmen Ria Hall Leroux
Carmen was born to her loving parents Gerda and Bill Hall on May 13th, 1963. In her hometown and favorite place of Squamish BC.
She grew up in Valleycliffe, an area surrounded by beauty that passed on to her. She always loved the scenery and picturesque of Squamish and always had a smile on her face. Being a local in Squamish and enjoying her life there, she knew and touched so many people and could always be counted on to say hi.
She was surrounded by great friends throughout her life, that were always as close as family to her. Carmen always loved animals and grew up with cats, which always had a special spot in her heart and life.
Carmen had 2 sons who she loved very dearly, Mathew and Troy, although they tested her patience as sons will do, she loved them with all her heart and would do anything for them.
Carmen was a strong, caring, friendly and sometimes wild character, and if you ask any of her friends they will tell you stories about the kind of person she was.

Carmen passed away suddenly after battling cancer, and will be sadly missed, remembered and lived on by all her friends, family,and sons Mathew and Troy.